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Vew our Exclusive paintings


The EXCLUSIVE paintings represent one of our lastest creations and they are, together with the "Author's Paintings", our finest line, aimed at giving full expression to the pure
abstract art, through lines and colors but with a glance at the reality, thanks to small themed insertions.

The paintings are entirely HAND-MADE in our laboratories in a perfect “material” style, that privileges the expressive function of matter, giving an active and independent
role to its corporeality, and so contributing to change deeply the traditional conception of painting.

A high-quality decorative product. Its special relief manufacture has been studied for creating an effect of roughness that gives the work a strong and charming image.
And that's how each painting becomes a unique piece, artistic expression of masters who put their experience in modern works.

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Finally the paintings are framed with our white Aris Poltrona frame 10 cm. wide, which, with its accentuated curve, gives the picture a particular and modern style.




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