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Materic and Trilogy Suv


View our Materic paintings

View our Trilogy Suv paintings


The Materic and the Trilogy Suv paintings are our completely hand-painted collections.

A style for lovers of the "material art", an art that focuses on the expressive function of the material, giving an active and indipendent part to corporeality, and so contributing to profoundly change the traditional concept of picture.

A decorative product of high quality. The special relief manifacturing is designed to create an effect of roughness that gives the work a strong and charming image.

It's so that each piece becomes a unique piece, artistic expression of masters who put their their experience in modern works.materici suv concept 1

The painted canvas that supports these works is of natural cotton, framed on a single large-size high frame (Materic) or on a composition of three frames 2,4cm thick (Trilogy Suv).

materici suv concept 2



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