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Canvas Deep


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canvas deep Lupia


50x143 - € 50,00
62x115 - € 65,00
77x143 - € 85,00
 100x200 - € 150,00
(Skyline 50x200 - € 100,00)


Quality and style in our wonderful cotton weaves that surround dream and reality, creativity and emotions, in a play of colors and fantasy that characterizes the real Made in Italy.

It's so that natural landscapes are combined with floral freshness, charming views of Italy with Wonders of the World, romantic vintage lines with timeless works of authorship that seduce and enchant, embellishing your home.

The Canvas Deep is the Lupia's classic reproduction on high frame stretched canvas, in the name of an original and accurate furnishing that gives voice to your dreams through the many theme lines created.







The variety of our subjects and available measures enable us to satisfy every need of furniture. In addition, the upgrade of our products is constant and the quick renewal of our images ensures timeless design and refined.

The structure, although with considerable size, however, maintains the lightness of printing on canvas.






 Do you want some more information on how the canvases are made? Visit the overview page!






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