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Our products are enirely made in Italy: printing, creating the frame, casing and packaging, take place in our factory.


The canvas used is specifically designed for high quality reproductions by digital printers or plotters. it is made from natural cotton, its surface is prepared for high-definition smooth reproductions. The same type of media is used by our art masters for hanmade paintings.

Our canvases of great thickness and weight, 75% cotton and 25% polyester, are therefore designed and developed for the reproduction of works of art, for photographic reproductions and digital files, thanks also to the structure of the fabric, pronounced and decorative.


The artistic digital print allows you to print photos or complex graphics on canvas.
Depending on the articles and subjects, UV reactive or eco-solvent inks are used, allowing a clean print and a great color rendering.

The ultraviolet rays cause the immediate hardening of the inks, ensuring the perfection of printing on the canvas. In addition to high quality of the printing, this system is completely eco-friendly, as it doesn't need to use toxic chemicals.

The eco-solvent inks are not chemically aggressive and do not release any kind of harmful substances into the environment. Inks are in low odor and high resistance to light. They allow to get vivid colors, thanks to the excellent quality of the pigment.


The wooden structure used for our canvas is three sizes that we call:

  • high frame: thick 3,1 cm, suitable for prints of any size. The image is enhances by the distance from the wall, becoming an integral part of the room.
  • lower frame: thick 2,4 cm primarily intended for smaller images, but also suitable for large sizes. Ready for framing. Also used for Trilogy and Trilogy Suv.
  • 10mm thick frame: used in Canvas Day, light, non-binding and suitable for any type of environment and the wall.
  • 16mm thick frame: used in After, light, non-binding and suitable for any type of environment and the wall.

The canvas is fixed to the frame by steel staples.

canvas frame


We care too much to packaging, protecting our products with cardboard corners, and coating them with transparent thermo retractable film.



Lupia S.r.l. is a FSC® and PEFC™ certified company, a guarantee of quality and respect for the environment and natural resources.




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