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About Us

Lupia s.r.l.


Our company was founded in 1986 by the commercial passion of Marcello Petracca. At first it was established as a small family-run factory, in 2006 it was transformed into a limited company under the new name of Lupia. Over the years it became an innovative reality that is among the best known companies in Italy in the field of decor and large-scale retail trade.

Our hallmark has always been that we make everything we sell, committing ourselves to deepen the knowledge of all equipment and materials needed to manufacture our products. This philosophy has allowed us to localize our production in our factory, giving our products a great deal of flexibility needed today to understand the needs of the end customer and to convert them into items promptly launch on the market.

All our production systems are equipped with photovoltaic panels for the production of clean energy. We are, in fact, promoters as of the development as of the environmental sustainability. 


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